Recognizing Greatness Awards

Three award programs in this category: The North County Latino Leadership Awards for Latino Elected Public Officials and the El Espiritu de la Comunidad Awards for Grassroots Community Leaders. 2017 was the first time North San Diego County has ever honored Latino Elected Public Officials in one setting, so it really is a historic event. For the Espiritu de la Comunidad Awards, we selected leaders who have made an impact in their respective communities throughout the years. Their leadership truly embodies the spirit of their community, so that is why they were selected. There were so many candidates to recognize, but we plan on holding this event every year of the festival, so if someone didn’t get selected this year, it is likely they could be selected in future years.

North San Diego Latino Leadership Awards

In North San Diego region, there is no known special recognition of Latino Politicians. These politician most of the time are the only face and vote that most closely understands the needs of the Latino Community. They are the representation of Latinos in the political system and supporting their fight for more opportunities, that can really help. The North San Diego Latino Leadership Awards were created to recognized these people.
Not every year of the festival our Local Politicians will be recognized since their positions are not steady throughout the years. They are constantly rerunning for positions or simply the term is not the right one to focus on a special recognition. These awards, however, will come back some years.
2017 North San Diego County Latino Leadership Awards Recipients
Mr. Rocky J. Chavez, Assembly member
Olga Diaz, Escondido City Councilmember
Esther C.  Sanchez, Oceanside City Councilmember
Mr. John J. Aguilera, Councilmember, City of Vista
Mr. Robert Amador, Superior Court Judge
Mr.  Carlos O.  Armour, Superior Court Judge
Ms. Emily Wichmann, Board Member, Oceanside Unified School District
Dr. John Halcon, Trustee, Palomar College
Mr. John Salazar, Board Member, San Dieguito Union High School District
Mr. Richard Vasquez, Board Member, Vista Irrigation District
Mr. Mark Evilsizer, Trustee, Palomar College
Mr. Cipriano Vargas, Board Member, Vista Unified School District

Espíritu de la Comunidad Awards

Another awards program created is the Espíritu de la Comunidad Awards. In every city there are always a group of people or individuals pushing for better opportunities, for equal rights, for better security and protection or for better education. By giving these community leaders recognition, it encourages them to continue their efforts. They come from all backgrounds, have their own stories, struggles and goals, but all of that is what pushes them forward to help their community succeed.
2017 Espíritu de la Comunidad Award Recipients
Ms. Ofie Escobedo, City of Carlsbad, Barrio of Carlsbad-Ofie has mentored youth in her community and worked diligently to improve her neighborhood.
Mr. Manny Aguilar, City of Solana Beach, President, La Colonia de Eden Gardens-Manny is a founding Board Member of La Colonia de Eden Gardens and mentors local youth.
Dr. Beatriz Villarreal, City of Encinitas, Director, Mano a Mano Foundation-Beatriz teaches classes to parents throughout San Diego County on how to become better parents.
Mr. John Valdez, Professor Emeritus, Palomar College, City of Escondido, Rotary 78-John served as the club advisor to MEChA at Palomar College and to the Alumni organization, raising funds for scholarships as well.
Mr. Jimmy Figueroa, City of Oceanside, Community Leader-Jimmy serves as a mentor to at risk youth and has lead the way to improve public transit for both students and community members in  the Oceanside area.
Mr. Roberto Rivas, City of Vista, Founder, Encuentros Leadership-Roberto Rivas founded Encuentros Leadership, an organization committed to improving educational outcomes for Latino boys.
Ms. Corie De Anda, MANA of North San Diego, Hermanitas Program Director-Corie was instrumental in leading the Hermanitas programs in several local schools in North County for Latina middle school girls.

International Latino Book Awards

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Currently, all the book entries are in the hands of the Judges.

Finalists were announced.

The Awards Ceremony will take place on September 8, 2018 at California State University Dominguez Hills. As we approach the date, updates on the activities will be sent out to all finalists.

After the Finalists are announced the finalists may participate in Int’l Award Winning Author Tour activities at events like the American Library Association, a variety of Latino events around the USA, and the Latino Book & Family Festivals

The International Latino Book Awards are held annually by Latino Literacy Now, a California 501c3 non-profit, in conjunction with Las Comadres para las Americas, & Reforma: The National Association to Promote Library and Information Services to Latinos and the Spanish-Speaking (an affiliate of the American Library Association).




(Paquete de Entrada para estos Premios tambien disponible en Español)

Latino Book into Movies Awards

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Currently all book entries are in the hands of the Award Judges.
Finalists will be announced late June, 2018.
Many of us would love to see more movies being produced that star Latinos & feature Latino themes. Realizing that many movies start with a great book, Latino Literacy Now has created a second competition within the framework of its International Latino Book Awards: the Latino Book into Movies Awards.

The application period for this year has ended

For your records, you can still access the application form, but application are not accepted anymore