Recognizing Greatness Awards

Two award programs in this category: El Espirítu de la Comunidad Awards for Grassroots Community Leaders and the Maestro Award for exemplary educators. For the Espíritu de la Comunidad Awards, we select leaders who have made an impact in their respective communities throughout the years. Their leadership truly embodies the spirit of their community. For the Maestro Awards, we select teachers who deserve to be recognized for the work they do towards a better education and support for students.

Espíritu de la Comunidad Awards

Espíritu de la Comunidad Awards – In every city there are always a group of people or individuals pushing for better opportunities, for equal rights, for better security and protection or for better education. By giving these community leaders recognition, it encourages them to continue their efforts. They come from all backgrounds, have their own stories, struggles and goals, but all of that is what pushes them forward to help their community succeed.

NOMINATION CRITERIA: Do you know someone who serves as an advocate for the betterment of communities within North San Diego County, is a promoter of justice and/or self-sufficiency, empowers youth and families, and forges a path for others? Perhaps you know someone who promotes sustainability, has the ability to collaborate, is a good communicator and emanates positivity? If so, these are the qualities we believe would define the next Espíritu de la Comunidad recipients. 

Nominations are currently closed.
You can view the nomination form attached to submit your nominations later. Usually the nominations are open August-September.

Maestro Awards

Another awards program is the Maestro Awards. This program is to recognize the work of teachers towards a better education. By giving recognition to these teachers, our hopes are for them to feel empowered and continue with their efforts.
NOMINATION CRITERIA: Do you know of someone who is an exemplary teacher who goes above and beyond the classroom, is creative, serves as a mentor, is an educational activist, and is committed to multicultural education? Perhaps they are also a lifelong learner, a leader and an innovator? 
Nominations are currently closed.
You can view the nomination form attached to submit your nominations later. Usually the nominations are open August-September.

International Latino Book Awards (ILBA)

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The situation with COVID-19 might influence how the Awards Ceremony will be hosted. In 2020, the Awards Ceremony was virtual. You can view it here >

You will be updated with this information. As we approach the date, updates on the activities will be sent out to all finalists.

After the Finalists are announced the finalists may participate in Int’l Award Winning Author Tour activities at events like the American Library Association, a variety of Latino events around the USA, and the Latino Book & Family Festivals.

Application form is now available for 2021. After the Awards Ceremony, the upload form will be available to submit digital materials. Becoming an Award Winning Author is the first step to receive more information about author opportunities and programs.
El formulario de inscripción para el 2021 esta disponible. Después de la ceremonia de reconocimientos, se abrirá la forma para enviar sus materiales digitales. Conviértase en un Autor Galardonado, este es el primer paso para recibir más información sobre oportunidades y programas disponibles para autores.


Final deadline March 15, 2021!

(Paquete de Entrada para estos Premios tambien disponible en Español)

Latino Book into Movies Awards

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Updates will be posted regarding the finalists and event opportunities to be exposed to entertainment studios. Coming up soon.
Many of us would love to see more movies being produced that star Latinos & feature Latino themes. Realizing that many movies start with a great book, Latino Literacy Now has created a second competition within the framework of its International Latino Book Awards: the Latino Book into Movies Awards. This awards program happens every two years.

Deadline has closed. Finalists to be announced mid-January 2021.

This program is only available for books/scripts written in English.

Learn more >

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