Is this a ticketed event or free?  This is a free event and free parking.

How did you forecast 6,000 people?  Last year, we had roughly 4,500. This year is during school time in October. The event is being promoted at schools, libraries, community outlets, and social media. Potential exclusive TV sponsor includes Telemundo and NBC.

Are the 5,000 people guaranteed to attend?  With our new media sponsors and extra promotion at schools, we are expecting more attendees. We don’t guarantee the exact numbers.

How many years has this event taken place?  This is the 69th Latino Book & Family Festival and the 4th in San Diego after an long absence.

 For unloading and set up the booth, can the van go into the spot area?  Or do we need to use a dolly to bring the stuff in?   At the event, we will have electric carts available for exhibitors to bring in and out their stuff. We will have six of them, and the volunteers who drive them will also drive you to your spot. You are welcome to bring a dolly if you prefer.

 Where can I find the exhibitor application? You can find all the applications in the specific event link at   For the Book Festival on October 10, 2020 at MiraCosta College, Here are the exhibitor forms:


How many food vendors? We expect to have 8-10 food vendors. We still have spots available.

What kind of food is being sold at the event? – and how many of the same food?  To increase the possibility of more sales by food vendors, we will not have vendors selling the same food. Food includes tacos, tamales, hotdogs, BBQ, Asian food & Mexican food.

Do you know what sales were generated by food vendors in the past?  In previous years, most food vendors sold out. We do not know their exact sales generated.

What’s the price for a food vendor booth?

      • Booth 10′ X 10′: $325(regular) and $175*
      • Booth 10′ X 20′ or Food Truck no larger than 24’: $575(regular) and $275*
      • Food Trucks – larger than 24’: $325*

*Special Prices for space only before September 1st. Must bring your own canopy, tables, and chairs.


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